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Services For Property Owners

Property Listing For Sale:

We promote your property through various means including magazines, search engines, etc. We notify all the buyers that we are helping find property for. We also notify other agents I work with in this area, who quickly tell their buyers about your property.
We will do a site inspection of your property and discuss how to present it to maximize its selling price.
We will work hard to get your property sold within your time frame and needs.

Property Listing For Rental:

We promote your property through various means including magazines, travel agencies, search engines, etc.
We keep an accurate and updated reservation calendar and inventory sheet for your property.
We select your renters emphasizing any restrictions or concerns you may have for your property (length of stay, number of guests, pets, children, smoking, and other restrictions).
We check your property before every arrival and after every departure of guests.
We provide a personalized welcome and deliver/pick up keys for every guest arrival/departure.

Property Management:

We visit your property continually (at least once a week) to make sure everything is in working order.
We make sure your bills are paid in time to avoid cancellation of services or penalties for late payment (electricity, water, cable, phone, property taxes, maintenance fees, etc.).
We arrange for your property to be cleaned periodically according to your particular needs.
We arrange for any corrective or preventive maintenance work needed.

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